Centralia City Council Debate Report Cards 2017

The Chamber is about business advocacy. Our questions were focused on the business community and support surrounding the concept of creating an atmosphere of growth and economic development in Centralia. Our board is comprised of 16 people (plus 2 non-voting members). 11 were present for the report card work. (our 2 non-voting members were not included in the exercise because they are the Centralia and Chehalis City Managers). The board members worked independently and completed the report card after reading all questions and answers. The process took about 1 hour to complete. While I do not grade, being the executive director means I report on what the board came up with. We have included not only the individual question grades, but an overall grade average and comments provided by the board. We have also provided the candidates answers in their original form for everyone to read and make their own decision. Elections are important, they can polarize or help move a community forward, our approach is to try to find candidates that will help move our community forward.

-Alicia Bull, Executive Director, Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce


Centralia City Council District #1 Chamber Debate Report Cards

Cameron McGee

Penny Jo Haney

Ron Greenwood


Centralia City Council District #3 Chamber Debate Report Cards


Colin Hamilton

Kurtis Engle

Max Vogt

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