Local events may have an impact on businesses

We are expecting large crowds of people this weekend at Borst Park.  This will include Harrison, Belmont, Borst, and Johnson streets.  The following events are planned for this weekend at Borst Park.  We are asking everyone to please plan accordingly since there may be traffic issues as well as parking issues at Borst Park and around the middle school.


Event #1 – March 25th:  Lewis County Invite-Track Meet at Tiger Stadium

There will be at least 14 schools.  It starts at 9:30 am for field events and 11 am for T&F.  Please have buses park at the Bryden street parking lots or at the High School not at the Pioneer or Stevens soccer fields lots.  Little League needs all of the parking lots by Steven’s fields.  This is an invite with a lot of local schools which means you will have parents and family attending.


Event #2 – March 25-26th:  Regional USA Wrestling Tournament – 800 wrestlers


Event #3 – March 25th:  Little League Baseball Games at Little League Fields 1,2, and 3  (400+ kids)


Event #4 – March 25-26th:  Centralia College softball games at Borst Softball Complex


Event #5 – March 25th:  Centralia High School Baseball games at Wheler Field


Event #6 – March 25th:  Centralia Youth Soccer games at the Pioneer Soccer Fields U10, U12, U15


Event #7 – March 26th:  Centralia College Baseball games at Wheeler Field




We ask for your assistance in helping us keep our parks, parking lots, and fields in a top condition by encouraging people to pick up after themselves (please take a moment and make sure trash is picked up and put in a container with the lid closed) and if you see other issues please let me know so we can make changes in the future.


Park Rules (CMC 10.33)

On another note, the City Council adopted a few new park rules since last year which are listed below (abbreviated).

  • The City parks and facilities are closed between the hours of 10 pm to 6 am this includes all facilities that the City insures.
  • It is unlawful to camp or stay overnight or during the hours of 10 pm to 6 am in any vehicle, trailer, or recreational vehicle within a city park or within any city-owned public parking lots.
  • Sporting events restricted to designated areas.  No person shall practice or play golf, baseball, or other games of like character in any public park or public place except at places designated for such purposes. (Ord. 1688 § 14 (part), 1990).
  • Pets on city property must be on an eight-foot or less leash.  Persons with pets must remove animal fecal material when accompanying the pet and dispose of it in a proper location. Animals are not allowed within any pond, lake, fountain, stream, the train depot, Borst Park kitchen facilities, Wheeler Field, and the softball complex except approved service animals.

o   The Quad fields are under the jurisdiction of the school district

  • It is unlawful to take up collections, or to act as or apply the vocation of solicitor or peddler within a park; provided, that it shall not be a violation of this section for a nonprofit or charitable organization or group to conduct a fund-raising event in a park or facility under the control of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department with the approval of the Parks and Recreation Department. The ability of park patrons to visit park facilities or to use the non-reserved portions of the facility shall not be denied or conditioned upon the payment of a donation.
  • No person shall throw or deposit any refuse or litter, garbage, yard trimmings, or other waste materials in any park or public place except in designated receptacles.

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