2017 Business of the Year

And the award goes to………PORT OF CENTRALIA! 

I think we can all agree that the 950+ jobs that currently exist within the Port of Centralia are key to the well being of hundreds of Lewis County families and without them, the quality of our community could not flourish and grow as it currently does.

Last night at the 2018 Annual Chamber Banquet we were able to see and hear first hand how much our communities and families truly benefit from the workings of the Port of Centralia. Todd Chaput of Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Chehalis said it best, ” while many may not really know much about the Port of Centralia and some may not even know it exists,  in reality, we see it in our Schools and throughout our community on a DAILY basis.”  The Port of Centralia currently generates over $2+ Million in local taxes that help our schools and community thrive.

The Port of Centralia is currently working on projects such as the Centralia Station which will bring in $7.1 Million in local and state taxes and also a grocery distribution center that will employ upwards of almost 500 people.

Without the efforts of the Port of Centralia, the success of our community and Lewis County wouldn’t be what it is! Thank you!

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