Adopt A Grandparent At Chehalis West

What a better Christmas present to give this year than adopting a grandparent from Chehalis West. This year 66 residents of Chehalis West will receive much needed skin care products in their stockings. Want to be a part of this celebration? Its easy as pie. $8 will by each resident a pair of cozy colourful  footies and mint bliss foot lotion.  You can call  360-880-2441 and make a donation OR drop off $ to the Chamber,  I have it on good authority that they will take change & paper money. You can drop it thru the key hole in an envelope addressed to adopt a grandparent or directly to the girls in the office. Which ever is easier for you.  If you don’t have time to drop by you can call me with your debit or credit card information and contribute to the grandparents.
Through your generosity as a chamber  in the past the grandparents have received satin hand-hand lotion, a hydration body lotion and mint bliss with stockings. The residents are so thankful for the caring and generosity of its members and its fun to watch them receive their gifts from Santa and Mrs. Clause.
I hope you will be a part of our Christmas gift giving event again this year.  Thank you in advance.  GIG

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