ARTrails Artists Say Thank You!

ARTrails artists wish to thank all who contributed time, wine, and hors d’oeuvres to make our First Look and Gala Reception the successful celebrations they were. Thanks also to those who visited the Exhibition Gallery during the week.

Many thanks to those who made the trek to find their favorite artists. Howard Replogle and Kit Metlen at Studio 11 in Napavine said, “We had enthusiastic responses to our art. It was great to see people who deliberately looked for us, and it was great to meet people for the first time, too. People came to our studio from as far away as the east coast.”

Karla Bailey at studio 4 (The Rectangle Gallery), said, “I enjoyed the kids who came in for tips on pencil drawing. Since that is the medium most often available to them, they seemed to take to hyper-realism in pencil.”

Those of you who have been inspired by our work are invited to contact us (look in your Studio Guide) to learn how to join our group. While artists of any age are certainly welcome, we are especially interested in young people who can help keep ARTrails lively!

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