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Today’s forum was very interactive and we sincerely appreciate the Centralia Police Department for sending one of their finest, Commander Stacy Denham, to speak to us about community safety and how the Centralia Police Department are currently addressing the community’s concerns.

Commander Denham mentioned that one of the ways the community can help is by reporting crimes in a timely manner either by calling Central-Dispatch for non-emergency situations at 360-740-1105 or during normal business hours contact the Centralia Police Department at 360-330-7680. Another option is to report the crime online at the City of Centralia website. Doing this allows them to track crime and gather information to better serve our community.

Currently, Centralia is broken up into 4 districts and the Centralia PD employs 4 Staff Sergeants. Each Sergeant has been assigned a district and is in charge of making sure that the safety concerns of that district are addressed by holding district meetings which are posted on their Facebook page and on their website. Attending these meetings allows community members to interact with the Staff Sergeant in charge of their district and ask questions so the public is highly encouraged to attend!

Another interesting and exciting bit of information that Commander Denham mentioned was the option for community members to request doing a ride-along with an officer of the Centralia Police Department. To make a request you may contact the Centralia Police department and request to schedule a ride-along.

Thank you to everyone who made it to today’s forum and a special thanks to Commander Stacy Denham and the Centralia Police Department for taking part in the March Chamber Forum. We hope to see everyone at the April 9th forum!

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