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A huge thanks to Kelly Smith-Johnston and Todd Chaput with ONE Lewis County for presenting the Freeholder education session at our forum. The information was deliberate and tactful and allowed us to grasp the objective of ONE Lewis County and the Home Rule Charter which promotes the need for a County Manager and 5 part-time commissioners instead of the current 3 full-time positions. Some of the benefits to the Home Rule Charter they touched on were: the cost savings to our county, the overall better representation with having 5 commissioners as well as the stability and expertise that a County Manager will provide. The packed room was a clear indication of the concern and interest within our community in regards to this initiative.  Attendees of this month’s forum were encouraged to speak openly and freely as well as voice their concerns. If you are interested in supporting the Home Rule Charter here are some ways you can help: Donate to the PAC, consider running as a freeholder, support civic engagement and help support the “YES” campaign.  To learn more about this effort please visit or email

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