How to Find ARTrails Artists

May 23, 2018–Forty artists participating in the ARTrails studio tours is a lot of people to keep track of–and you may not want to. Maybe you’re longing for a woven handbag or a turned wood bowl but have no interest in paintings or photography. How do you sort them out? Check the new Studio Tour Guide and attend the opening Gala.

The 2018 Studio Tour Guides will be out soon. In them you’ll find:

  • photo samples of each artist’s work,
  • a list of participating artists,
  • and a map showing where to find each one during the tours.

The Gala is at the train depot, held the first Friday before tours begin. It has one piece of work from each artist, and most of the artists will be attending so you can actually meet them.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be listing artists by the medium they juried in with. At their studios, they may have other things they’ve done as well.

This year, for instance, we have four photographers: Dennis Blake (at Rectangle Gallery), Justin Page (Santa Lucia Coffee Co.), Madeline McIntire (The Watson Studio), and Carlene Salazar (Pacific Ocean Graphics and Fine Arts).

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