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This is Pete Christensen from Lubricant Solutions Introducing the Petron Plus Formula 7 Engine Conditioner, Fuel Conditioner, and 1,898 other sku’s for any metal to metal application.

We offer friction reduction through Patented Petroleum,(7 US Patents). 41 years, over 42 countries served; made in the US. Some of our great customers include the U.S. Military, Heavy and light Industrial, 500 racing teams. We do not use additives, and offer 2 million insurance on every engine that uses the Petron Plus.

— Diesel engines;
–Gasoline engines;
–Diesel fuel conditioner that gives you lubrication and takes the water out(no alcohol)
–Gasoline Fuel conditioner that gives you lubrication and takes the water out from the ethanol.

Lubricants are a necessity for any one who owns a vehicle, equipment or plant. Across the globe, vehicle, equipment and plant owners are searching for better solutions to vehicles, equipment and plant emissions and lubrication problems. They want lubricants that will help reduce emissions, and smog problems. They want lubricants that won’t cause production interruptions for unscheduled maintenance, and they want those chemicals, and lubricants very fast. There is a line of high-tech chemicals and lubricants that helps to reduce friction and wear, and provides rust, and corrosion protection far beyond anything available in today’s automotive, commercial and industrial markets called Petron Plus Formula 7. They include a complete line of fuel products for gasoline and diesel fuel for the automotive aftermarket, fleet bulk storage tanks, pipe line, all the way to the refineries. They also offer a revolutionary line of supplement products; they are a synthetic to semi-synthetic based line of products that can be used with most oils and lubricants. These products are not an oil additive, nor a replacement petroleum product, but patented high-tech semi-synthetic constituents chemically bonded together in a patented/patent pending new process to form a totally new Extreme Pressure (EP) ingredient.

Call us to do a free demo at your shop, temperature test on the greases, Timken test on friction reduction, dare to compare! Our goal is to help your company in Safety and higher profit lines through longevity of your equipment and less maintenance costs longterm.
Thank you, Pete


Ph: 253-329-0377

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