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DID YOU KNOW:             Genetics only plays 20% in how your skin looks. 80% comes from the products that you put on your face. So if you can improve on your skin and how it looks & feels why wouldn’t you want to use a product that helps turn back the time clock? We have these products and we welcome  you can come try them and see firsthand how they look and how it makes your face feel. We would love to have your opinion.  Our pampering sessions are complimentary, you get to exfoliate your face, your lips and your hands. We also  offer a charcoal mask treatment to help your pores.  WE won’t let you leave with a naked face so we will provide a foundation match, mascara and lip gloss. Bring a friend or two and have an hour of girlfriend time.  We also offer GIFT BASKETS  & GIFT CERTIFICATES for graduation, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

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