United Way of Lewis County Continuing Work on Lifting 30% of Families out of Poverty by 2030

In Lewis County alone, over 11,000 families are living below the poverty threshold or just on the edge of poverty and are unable to meet their most basic needs.  United Way of Lewis County made the long-term commitment to helping struggling families become self-sufficient so they can experience opportunity and success. As needs in our community change so must the way we address them.  Through extensive research and community surveys, United Way has recently adopted a new strategic focus and a bold goal to lift 30% of families out of poverty by 2030.


We cannot do this work alone.  To close the poverty gap, it will take a comprehensive, countywide approach to tackle critical issues like unemployment, transportation, health, hunger, early literacy development, housing and childcare. Typically, programs and services to help families are either parent-centered or child-centered.  United Way of Lewis County is implementing strategies that serve both children and their parents intentionally and simultaneously and identifying programs with outcomes leading to long-term positive change for families.


Together, we can help children and families in Lewis County move from a life of poverty, to a life of possibility. Join the 30 by 30 movement today.

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