October 7, 2022
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As a resident of Lewis County, like you, I am invested in our community and its future. I was born and raised here in Lewis County, and I chose to raise my family here. I am running as your next Lewis County Sheriff because I see needs that we have that are not being met. As your next Sheriff, I will strive to rebuild past relationships that have been lost, build new relationships, and form partnerships to enhance the quality of law enforcement services throughout the county. Staffing and employee retention will be at the forefront of my beginnings, starting with valuing the employees and providing a cohesive working environment for all. I will be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars by prioritizing mission-essential needs, and cutting irresponsible spending. 

I will address the current issues surrounding our jail in regards to booking criminals who need to be held accountable for their actions, which provides our communities with the safety they deserve. I will reinstate successful programs that have fallen to the wayside such as the volunteer program, the K9 program, SWAT, and participation in our local drug task force. I will work with the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office to address the changes in our laws and reinstate our reserve program, again providing additional safety to our residents. Efficiency is important, and I have many ideas to increase efficiency without reducing services such as a regional training cadre. Vote for me, Tracy Murphy, and invest in a better Lewis County.