Frequently Asked Questions

Who organized the Choose Local First program?

The initial launch was a joint effort between the Experience ChehalisCentralia Downtown Association (CDA) and the Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce. As the program develops, the involvement of local businesses and organizations will be key to the success of the program.

How will supporting this program benefit my business?

Participating in the program will make a strong statement to local consumers about the benefits of shopping locally. Many businesses have felt the pinch of online and out-of-area competition. We need to become our own advocates and support our community by supporting local businesses here where we live.

How can I get involved?

Jumping on the bandwagon is simple! We would like to see our local businesses embrace the Choose Local First tagline in their own marketing materials and promotions. After all, this program was created as a method of supporting and growing our local businesses.  Look for communication from the Chamber, Experience Chehalis and CDA as the next phases unfold.  For now, help advertise and support the concepts and local promotions. Choose Local First is a life style decision, and we all need to bring awareness to this decision.

Where can I get more promotional materials and information?

Questions or requests for promotional material can be directed to the Experience Chehalis at [email protected], to the CDA by clicking here, and to the Chamber at [email protected].

Can I use the Choose Local logo on my own advertising?

YES – that would be great! The more attention we can bring to this program, the more successful it will be. To get an electronic file of the logo in either color or black and white, please email [email protected]with the file specifications for your advertising piece, and you will be sent the appropriate image.