March 6, 2023
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Outside Hardel Mutual Plywood Corporation in Chehalis

One of the great successes of Lewis County is the Hardel Mutual Plywood Corporation (Hardel) that has extensive roots in the local community.  It is businesses like this that create economic stability for workers and residents of the county.

Hardel  has been providing wholesale plywood to all 50 states for more than 73 years and has been a valued Chamber member for  24-plus years.  Hardel boasts a highly diverse product line manufacturing more than 1000 products including standard and custom panels in a multitude of lengths for a variety of applications. Utilizing a 300,000 square foot state of the art facility, the plywood manufacturer produces 23 million square feet (on a ⅜ inch basis) of plywood each month.

Hardel is an employee-owned cooperative with 124 shareholders who work there, so every employee is invested in the success of the company. The mill employs 300 workers who work  three shifts around the clock, 365 days a year. Over the years, the number of employees and shifts have increased, as well as Hardel’s extensive portfolio of products offered. The typical plywood manufacturing company offers about 200 products, while Hardel boasts five times that. 20 trucks of plywood leave the facility each day. Sixty-five percent of what they produce stays on the west coast while the remainder ships out all over the United States by truck or rail.

General Manager Emmanouel Piliaris

General Manager Emmanouel Piliaris has been managing the operations over 30 years and credits the longevity and success of the company to stable management, low turnover of key labor forces, and good wages and benefits. Hardel’s top priority is the preservation of natural resources and the environment. The company has reinvested heavily in the modernization of their operations resulting in the plant meeting or exceeding government requirements. Hardel Mutual Plywood is located at 143 Maurin Road in Chehalis. Find out more at