February 6, 2023
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Matt Noren, Owner of Thorbeckes with Efrain Sanchez, General Manager.

When you think of the name Thorbeckes , the name is synonymous with community fitness and wellness in Lewis County. Thorbeckes just celebrated their 40 year anniversary last year and was first started by local Centralian Dale Pullin, who now operates The Northwest Sports Hub.

The first Thorbeckes operated out of an 800 square foot weight lifting facility in Downtown Centralia. In the very first month over 125 memberships were sold to locals looking to strength train. Two years after opening, Thorbeckes Fitness moved to a larger location where fitness classes and more equipment were added. This was home for a decade. Another club was added in Downtown Chehalis in 1993. Just a year later Thorbeckes Parkside Fitness opened, located at the current Borst Park location through a partnership with the City of Centralia.

In 2001 Thorbeckes partnered again with the City of Centralia and the Centralia School District to operate the community pool, which has become a frequented facility of locals, students and out of towners alike. Thorbeckes LifeFit Center in Chehalis opened in 2003 and boasts 56,000 square feet and includes an indoor tennis center, gymnastics center, TAP (Thorbeckes Athletic Performance) Center along with many other amenities.

In 2016 Matt Noren opened Pacific Sports Spa in a leased spot at the Chehalis location. 

Six months later the opportunity to buy Thorbeckes presented itself, and Matt and his wife Andrea decided to buy the business. Just as the Norens were adjusting to owning Thorbeckes, the challenge of COVID-19 hit. Matt stated, “We are very thankful for the support of our tight-knit community that helped us get through those times.” Thorbeckes closed for two months in the Spring of 2020 but were able to get creative and moved equipment outside for patrons to use. “If we could be open, we were open.” explains Noren. Some renovations were able to be completed during that time when Thorbeckes had to close, which was the bright side. 

Thorbeckes is much more than a gym, it’s a wellness center and athletic club for all ages. 

Efrain Sanchez has been the General Manager of Thorbeckes since 2018, and was a personal trainer 5 years prior to that. “Thorbeckes is here to serve the community to promote health, wellness and expand on that fitness is ever-lasting, and to provide activities that make fitness fun.” explained Sanchez.

The newest offering at Thorbeckes is a party space featuring 6,000 square feet of area, inflatable slide, rock wall  and  20 foot movie screen which they recently started accepting reservations for. And opening this summer is an all new outdoor area between the Centralia middle school and the Centralia Community pool that will feature a gazebo, and water activities.

Inside Thorbeckes new party space

There are 3 Thorbeckes locations, Chehalis, Centralia and South Bend. Find out more at www.thorbeckes.com.