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By Joseph Lambert, Guest Writer

Chamber Ambassador and works for Calypso – a local company specializing in window washing, power washing, and holiday lighting

As you stroll down the North end of Tower Avenue in Centralia an oasis reveals itself. You’ve arrived at Tiki Tap House. Before you even enter the door, the island themed patio establishes a mood and vibe that is instantly appealing. Once inside, it becomes a full immersion tropical experience replete with tiki statue lined walls framed with surfboards and an abundance of greenery. This is the perfect place to let your hair down, grab a pint of any one of their 18 taps, and get lost in Tiki time.

But wait! There’s more! Tiki deals ensure that the good vibe experience stays with you all night.

Thirsty Thursday: Tiki Tap House prides itself on its ability to showcase a variety of the ever growing microbreweries operating in the Pacific Northwest. Thirsty Thursday is the perfect way to explore the rotating bottled craft beers and wines lucky enough to grace the coolers each week. Shave off at least $2 for beer and $5 for wines.

Tightwad Tuesday: Every Tuesday, Tiki Tap House offers their Giant Pepperoni and Cheese pizzas for just $10 each. All day. No limit. Just great pizza at a great price.

From the first moment you cross the bamboo threshold all the way to the final little burps as you settle into bed, Tiki Tap House creates a memorable experience that is certain to entice you back time and again.

The good vibes aren’t just for show. It’s also part of the heart and soul of its operations. Tiki Tap House has been a staple in the community for the 9 years its doors have been open. Being Community oriented has been at the forefront of Jordan and Cynthia Peabody’s business model. You have likely seen Tiki paired with Providence Hospital on a multitude of fundraisers and events or seen their name draped across the chest and backs of children’s ball clubs for Centralia’s youth sports programs.

Another show of their community support took place recently when their own business was down for construction as they prepared for apartments to be renovated above the pizza shop. During this time Tiki Tap House took the opportunity to highlight 7 other local eateries in town demonstrating a mindset and gesture for other businesses to model themselves after.

Thank you Tiki Tap House for all the care you pump into the community and of course for all the great pizza and brews that find its way into the bellies of your patrons.