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“Yeah, we’ve got a drone for that.” This is Blue Skies Drones motto, no matter the industry! What began as a drone rental shop for hobbyists has grown into a one-stop shop for not only renting the newest drones on the market, but also providing full sales, service, training, and support to the expanding drone market including photography, cinematography, construction, agriculture, engineering, surveying, inspection, Police, security, Fire Department and Search and Rescue. Originally the business model was shaped after a camera rental business but has become so much more over the years.

Blue Skies Drones moved to downtown Centralia from Bothell in April 2021. Blue Skies Drones was founded in 2015 by Todd Knighton and Brendan Kester with the objective of providing drone and unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAV) solutions to both hobbyists and commercial users. 

That expansion was possible with the help of General Manager, Dale Hylton, who has over 8 years experience working with drones, and over 5 years with Blue Skies Drones. Hylton is constantly evaluating what end users want and adjusting to meet customer needs. Drones are still considered a “startup industry”, being less than a decade old. The drone industry is very similar to the cell phone industry, whereas new models come out every few months. Drones are revolutionizing the industrial world every day in new ways. From the smallest tasks to large complex projects, UAV’s are providing us with new ways to collect and analyze data.

Blue Skies Drones carries everything from consumer to commercial enterprise drones, and even underwater drones. Big box stores really don’t come close to providing the wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to drones, training, servicing drones or even providing rental drone units. Blue Skies Drones offers the largest drone rental fleet from quadcopters to hexacopter, fixed wing to ROV submersibles. They also carry payloads including gas detectors, multispectral, thermal and LIDAR. They own and maintain a large and diverse rental fleet of the latest UAV platform and sensor technology. Blue Skies Drones is not only serving the local community, but also offering drone rentals online throughout North America with shipping available to any North American local pickup or their Centralia location.

As time goes on, the drone industry looks more and more like the aviation industry and with more technology and regulations to navigate it only makes sense to visit the experts in the field.

Visit Blue Skies Drones at 209 S Tower Avenue in Centralia.

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