September 19, 2022
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Sam McCrady from Express Employment Professionals

Ascend Staffing

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs. Unemployment signs. Employers are struggling. Struggling to find the right employees. Struggling to retain the ones they currently employ. One of the solutions available to businesses are staffing agencies.

The Chamber had the opportunity to speak with franchise owner Sam McCrady from Express Employment Professionals. McCrady offered insights into how job placement firms operate. “Most jobs are long term, evaluation-to-hire. We offer a free service to job seekers including job placement into full time positions, not temporary work. We are always fighting for good, competitive wages.” explains McCrady.

Ascend Staffing is another great resource in the Centralia-Chehalis area. Their mission statement reads, “Our purpose is to partner with employees, clients and the community to create opportunities for growth and mutual success.” Branch Manager Sandra Scotton states, “We care about our employees, and we are really trying to help people. Even if they are homeless. We just want to do good for our community.”

Staffing firms like Express and Ascend operate as if they are an extension to their client’s Human Resource department. Many employers don’t have the time necessary to sift through many resumes and conduct multiple interviews. Using a staffing service lets employers try employees out without the headache if they decide the employee isn’t a good fit for the position. They handle sorting through the resumes, the hiring, and the difficult conversations if the job isn’t a good fit. Plus, they will work hard to find a new position for that candidate if a job doesn’t work out.

One of the biggest challenges is finding employees that care about your business and success.
Finding that ‘perfect candidate’ is difficult. Hiring the right person with the right qualifications, who wants to work is harder than ever, but that is where job placement agencies can help. With so many more obstacles for businesses to navigate, finding new employees gets easier with the help from employment professionals.

After an employer finds an employee that meets their qualifications, the next step is retaining them. In today’s uncertain economy people are looking for the next best thing. Some of the reasons behind that are: Better pay, better benefits, better working conditions, or closer to home.

For employers who are finding it difficult to staff and/or retain employees, it may be time to re-evaluate what is being offered:

  • Is the benefit package competitive? 
  • Is the starting wage a livable wage? 
  • Is there room for growth and advancement in the company?  
  • Are you offering a sign-on, or referral bonus?
  • Are you offering additional work perks, such as a gas card for your employees? 
  • Are working hours flexible for family and personal reasons?

All these things come into consideration when a job seeker is exploring their employment options. 

 In the current world of frustrated business owners, and job seekers alike, a mutual service to turn to is our local staffing firms. They are on the job forefront and working hard to overcome the many obstacles facing both employers and job seekers today.  For a list of employment and human resource services visit the Chamber website to view its member directory or call (360) 748-8885 to have a copy mailed.