November 21, 2022
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Lewis County • Offroading • outdoor sports • powersports • Powersports Northwest

It’s been a little over a year since Jonathan and Ralph Hubbert bought Powersports Northwest in downtown Centralia. Before buying the Powersport dealership the Hubbert family were fourth-generation owners of Tires Incorporated, and sold to Bridgestone in 2019. After finishing out a 2 year contract with Bridgestone, Jonathan, with the business guidance of his father Ralph wanted to pursue a business together that they were passionate about and owning a local company that could give back to the community was of the utmost importance.

Powersports Northwest got its start in 1972 as Steve’s Suzuki owned by Steve and Diane Rasmusson. In 1977 they wanted to change careers and decided to sell to 2 young employees Dave Lipinski and Jeff Ashe. The company went through several names and locations, but in 1992 found their current location on Tower and renamed the business Powersports Northwest.

Since taking over the business, Powersports Northwest has expanded its footprint by 5,000 square feet, making the whole dealership 29,000 square feet now. New president Jonathan Hubbert stated, “The community has been very receptive. Previous owners Lipinski and Ashe built a very solid foundation and we wanted to expand and bring new people in and old customers back in for a new experience.” Even with supply chain issues, Powersports has seen an increase in sales over previous years. They are one of top dealerships leading sales for Polaris. Polaris UTVs are the number one sellers, with Honda Offroading coming in second. Hubbert comments, “We plan on expanding a new dealership along I-5.” Plans are already underway preparing the new property to build on, it will be located further south near Napavine.
Fueled by the passion for outdoor recreation, Powersports Northwest will continue to equip Lewis county for all its offroading needs. Visit Powersports Northwest at 300 S Tower Ave, Centralia, WA 98531.

Game of Drones

“Yeah, we’ve got a drone for that.” This is Blue Skies Drones motto, no matter the industry! What began as a drone rental shop for hobbyists has grown into a one-stop shop for not only renting the newest drones on the market, but also providing full sales, service, training, and support to the expanding drone market including photography, cinematography, construction, agriculture, engineering, surveying, inspection, Police, security, Fire Department and Search and Rescue.

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A “Berry” Sweet Cafe

You won’t find a busier or more recommended cafè in the city of Centralia than Berry Fields Cafè. Just voted “Best Restaurant” and “Best Lunch” for the Best of Lewis County, it’s easy to see that the community has proclaimed its love of this family-owned and operated cafè.

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