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Cardinal Glass • Chehalis • Glass Industry • Tumwater • Winlock

Since 1962 Cardinal Glass Industries has been in business and today leads the industry in the development and manufacturing of residential glass for windows and doors. Over the past 60 years Cardinal has grown to employ 7,000 employees across 37 manufacturing locations across the United States.

The 600,000 square foot, eco-friendly glass manufacturing plant located in Winlock employs approximately 200 employees to create the ‘float glass’ that is produced there. Float glass is a sheet of glass made by ‘floating’ molten glass on a bed of molten metal. This method ensures uniform thickness, and is used to make glass for windows and doors. After the glass is made at the Winlock plant it will either go to Cardinal’s TG (Tempered Glass) plant in Chehalis for tempering or the CG Plant in Tumwater for Coated Glass treatment. The Winlock FG (Float Glass) Plant produces 648 tons of glass per day.

When Cardinal first started investigating building a plant in Winlock there were many mixed feelings and worries about how it would impact the community. Looking back over the past 16 years we can see the positive economic impact that Cardinal Glass has made on the community.

The Executive Director of the Economic Alliance of Lewis County, Richard Debolt, comments that “Cardinal Glass has created hundreds of jobs over the past decade. We are excited to have them as a partner in the community- they support so many local organizations that make us stronger together.”

Cardinal has a Philanthropy Committee that employees can join to participate in a variety of community outreach initiatives. Some of those causes are United Way campaigns. McKinney Vento drives that focus on helping homeless teens, including food drives, back to school drive, coat drive, and also supporting local food banks. The search for employees continues at the Cardinal Glass Plant as the economy continues to make a comeback. Employee safety is of the utmost importance, as well as full body health. Cardinal has a Registered Nurse and an Ergonomic Therapist on site to take the best care of their employees. They also hold several employee social events during the year and have a reduced lunch day where they partner with local restaurants. Add a competitive starting wage and advancement opportunities to that for a great opportunity for job seekers! Not only has Cardinal Glass brought hundreds of jobs to the rural community of Winlock and Evaline, they continue to support the community in a variety of different ways.

Community Priorities: Your opinions matter!

One of my favorite quotes about surveys is “surveys show that surveys never lie.” And while that makes light of surveys, I do believe some surveys have merit and provide insight into our priorities. That is why each year I send out a survey via mail, e-mail, and on my website:
The latest survey was sent out to the 20th Legislative District in late-January and the responses are still coming. To date, here are some of those results from the over 400 responses.

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February BAH: Professional & Personal Services Shined

The February Business After Hours featured a variety of professional and personal services at Mint City Coffee Roasting’s newly opened coffee house.  The lively group of participating professionals offered an opportunity to become personally acquainted with an eclectic gathering of services.  The evening ended with a question answer session with roaster Kyle Askin.

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