September 5, 2022
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Beginning the journey as a new business owner takes nothing short of a leap of faith, especially in today’s uncertain economy. Not only do you need to do the research to see if there is a need to fill for the community with your business, but you will also need to be flexible and able to pivot if the market demands it. One of the most important parts of being a business owner is getting involved in the community.

With over 32 years of owning a successful business, Julie Shaffley is an expert in this subject. Shaffley owns Good Health Nutrition Center and has provided the community with vitamins, supplements, bulk herbs and spices, organic groceries, skin care and exceptional customer service over the years. You may not find a nicer, more devoted and enthusiastic store owner than Shaffley.

After finishing college in Minnesota, Shaffley was offered a job managing a health food store in Olympia. She ended up loving the business, science, and community of the health food industry. In 1990 Shaffley made her love a reality by purchasing Lottie’s Health Food in Centralia and not long after renamed her store ‘Good Health Nutrition Center.’ Since then they have moved down a few store fronts and expanded but the mission remains the same: Health and Wellness for Everyone! A long standing challenge plaguing many larger stores managing and understanding their large inventory of products. Ensuring employees have enough product knowledge to answer customer questions is a key to success. Good Health Nutrition Center strives to provide information and scientific studies to back their products and offers a 100% unconditional money back guarantee to its customers.

Shaffley and her Husband wanted to have a career that gave them pleasure in helping people – it is where their passion lies. They feel the key to entrepreneurship is passion. “You spend so much of your time working, you have to find what brings you happiness, and go after it. Time goes by so quickly.” explains Shaffley. “Find your passion and go for it, and don’t be afraid to fail.” Over the years Shaffley’s customers have built a trust with Good Health Nutrition Center. “It’s an honor watching families and people grow and helping them with their health, and being a part of this growing community and seeing it prosper.” Shaffley says.
Shaffley credits her store’s success to the surrounding community’s support over the years. She states “I love what I do and I love the community. It’s been wonderful to see how the community embraces new businesses. Centralia and Chehalis come together when times are good and bad.” We asked Shaffley to share some advice for business owners, and it really all comes back to the community. “You have to get involved in the community, whether it’s a service or business club, volunteer organization, or your local Chamber of Commerce. “

The Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to promote business, protect the Lewis County business environment and inform the public of all the wonderful resources available in the community. Joining the Chamber means joining a network of like-minded people, whom you can learn from and all support each other in a common goal. Shaffley commented, “ The Chamber is the heartbeat of local business. I feel it is vital to get to know your community and your customers. You serve your customers. They don’t serve you, you serve them. You have got to support the community that supports you and get involved.”

Community Priorities: Your opinions matter!

One of my favorite quotes about surveys is “surveys show that surveys never lie.” And while that makes light of surveys, I do believe some surveys have merit and provide insight into our priorities. That is why each year I send out a survey via mail, e-mail, and on my website:
The latest survey was sent out to the 20th Legislative District in late-January and the responses are still coming. To date, here are some of those results from the over 400 responses.

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February BAH: Professional & Personal Services Shined

The February Business After Hours featured a variety of professional and personal services at Mint City Coffee Roasting’s newly opened coffee house.  The lively group of participating professionals offered an opportunity to become personally acquainted with an eclectic gathering of services.  The evening ended with a question answer session with roaster Kyle Askin.

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