July 20, 2023
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2023 • Business Connections • Centralia • July • Ribbon Cutting

Zap Master is located at 108 N. Tower in Centralia. Visit thezapmaster.com to learn more. 

Zap Master owner Stephanie Shields combines her passion for teaching with her twenty-plus years of experience in electrology through her newly opened school and shop in Centralia. Shields left Arizona in January where she had been working for the family electrology business the past two decades to start her new venture. While Zap Master offers professional electrology services by trained and certified professionals, Shields also runs an apprenticeship program with student sessions starting the first of each month and practicals starting the 15th of each month. Depending on the amount of time individual students devote to their studies, training is typically completed in six months. Shields is celebrating successfully opening her electrology school and salon by having the Centralia-Chehalis provide a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Tuesday, July 25, at Noon. Everyone is invited to attend and learn more about the school and services.