October 2, 2023
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2023 • Business Connections • Candidates • election • Lewis County
Each candidate was asked to submit a statement or biography so that our readers could gain a better understanding of the voices represented for each position. The Chamber did not edit or alter statements received other than assisting candidates with word count.

City of Chehalis, Position #4

Jody Kyes

Hello my name is Jody Kyes and I have called Lewis County home for the past 30 years. I love our city and care about its future. Being a managing real estate broker, I have the specific skills and experience in bringing people of opposing sides together to achieve a mutual resolution for all parties. It takes listening, empathy, patience, creativity, and perseverance to accomplish this. These are some of my traits that I can bring to the City Council in representing the people of our 4th District.

If elected to represent you, I will work to ensure that our first responders are adequately supported and respected. There are also many opportunities and challenges that our occurring today in our community. Affordable housing, supporting our local businesses and attracting new business, homelessness, broadband availability at a reasonable price, the list goes on. As your local councilor, I am willing to take on issues like these to ensure that our city continues to be a place to call “home”, and to be proud of it.

Karen Laufenberg

No statement or photo provided.

Port of Centralia, District #3

Dianne Dorey

I have worked with the business community explaining values and taxes. Worked with new businesses as they moved into the community and networked with them as a Chamber Ambassador since 1998. I was honored in 2023 to be given the Chamber Evergreen Award. After 47 years experience working in Lewis County government, my passion and heart is still in my community. As the county assessor I worked with the 65 taxing districts in the county on levies, budgets for taxes and advised them on values. As an employee my jobs included 15 years as a property appraiser. With 24 years as the elected official I managed up to 26 employees and managed a budget of 1.8 million annually.

During my tenure as the Assessor, my fellow Assessors elected me twice as the President of the statewide Assessor Association. I was also elected the Washington Association of County Officials President. Each of these offices required a six-year commitment to become President.

With my commitment to the community, my experience and knowledge of the Centralia Port’s budgets, taxes and properties, I would be honored to be elected the Port Commissioner.

Peter N. Lahmann, Jr.

Peter is a lifelong resident of Centralia. Educational background – Graduate of CHS and Centralia College, Bachelor in Business, and an MBA. Peter is currently serving as a Commissioner for the Port of Centralia, the President of the Lewis County Historical Society, Economic Development representative to the PacMtn Workforce Board for Lewis County. He is past Chair of the Washington State Apprenticeship Coordinators Association and past Chair of the Centralia Historic Preservation Commission. He is currently working for the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs as their statewide Apprenticeship Specialist, helping Veterans and Transitioning Service Members find living wage employment when they leave military service. He also serves on the Centralia/Chehalis Career and Technical Education Advisory Board. He also volunteers with and helps to coordinate the

City of Centralia, Positions #1

Russell Barr

I’ve lived in Centralia since 1990 and had family here long before then. I’m running for Centralia City council in to serve this city that I love. I don’t have ties to local businesses other than trying to shop locally whenever possible, but I view local businesses as a bellwether for the health of many aspects of the local community. As a software engineer, I get to work with complex systems and a city is as complex as anything. I appreciate the people and the many details that keep our city running

We are facing tremendous growth in many directions, and city council members have some role in anticipating and managing its effects on citizens and local interests. I want Centralia to continue to be a great place for all of us to live, raise a family and run a business.

Chris Brewer

I’m Chris Brewer, an eight-year Centralia resident. I’m running for City Council because I want to serve my city and help out in any way that I can. Since I moved to town in 2015, I have built relationships with people from all walks of life, and I understand the diverse needs of our community. Many people that I have spoken to during my campaign feel overburdened by taxes and overwhelmed by rising costs of living. A diverse and lively economic engine can lighten the financial burden we all carry. By collaborating with local stakeholders in the business community, I will champion and support initiatives that promote sustainable growth and bring more family-wage jobs to Centralia. Economic vitality ties directly to quality of life of our residents, and a vibrant business community is key to our overall wellness. I support the work of the Chamber, and I stand with our job creators and business owners, from the industries at the Port to businesses downtown owned by our friends and neighbors. I will be a true friend to the business community and will lend my voice to support sustainable economic growth. Vote Chris Brewer for Position 1 At-Large on November 7.

City of Centralia, Positions #2

Joyce Barnes

I have always found it a little hard to write about myself but this was the Chambers request so — I am Joyce Barnes and seeking Centralia City Council Position #2 in November. Four years ago I finished my term and a total of six years that began with the change of government in this city to Council/Manager form. So I am very experienced and know the job well. I have also served on Planning Commission, Fire Advisory Board, The Airport Board, and joined and lead a group of people to reopen the Veteran’s Memorial Pearl Street Pool for the next 25 years, every summer without any salary or compensation, for the children and families of the area with many volunteers.

I believe you need me back on the Council. I don’t have an agenda, but care about everyone and everything that is happening in Centralia and Lewis County. I WILL LISTEN AND SERVE YOU WELL. Thank you.

Kelly Smith Johnston

I keep my promises. Four years ago, I pledged:
To improve cooperation between the City and our economic development partners. Today, our partnerships are strong and effective, supporting small business and developing the clean energy economy.

To set policies that encourage people to live here. I led the Lewis County Housing Summit and worked to address the housing issue. Today, we have a healthy housing pipeline with more than 700 units planned of all types of housing – transitional to full market rate. The new emergency shelter will be more accessible and effective for people in need, while also located away from downtown.

To create opportunities for people to engage their City leaders. Today, grassroots organizations are thriving. We have students on our Parks Board and frequent public comment at our meetings.

The next four years, I pledge to make Centralia Strong. I will invest in strong families, strong partnerships, strong economy, built upon a commitment to a safe and secure community.

As a fellow business owner, I appreciate how vital business is to the overall health of our community and will continue to create the environment where business can thrive.

City of Centralia, Positions #3

Adrianna Garibay

Adrianna is passionate about Centralia and committed to retaining our small town values while also planning for anticipated growth. Keys to creating a healthy community includes ensuring safe public spaces, supporting our schools, and our law enforcement officers, and developing family-wage jobs.

Currently, Adrianna is employed as the Hispanic Community Administrator for St. Joseph’s Church. She has previous construction and business experience as a manager for GT Roofing. She is also a former translator for Edison Elementary and Centralia School District. In the community, Adrianna has been a peer support translator and is a strong parent and compassionate leader.

Originally from Michoacan, Mexico, Adrianna is passionate about connecting the community at-large and the Hispanic community. Adrianna brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for making new civic-minded connections in the City of Centralia.

Learn more about what makes Adrianna Garibay the right choice for Centralia at VoteGaribay.com or Facebook.com/VoteGaribay.

Kylie Sexsmith

Being an elected leader means always keeping your ear to the ground, in which I will do. It is extremely important to listen to small business owners, as they are the pulse of our communities. Retaining and gaining thriving businesses in our town, means keeping taxes close to home. Those taxes end up paying for community improvements and create a local circuit, benefiting our entire city.

To do that, we must always know what it is our business owners love, any ideas they may have and how we can offer more of that. It’s equally beneficial to know and understand what they feel they’re missing, frustrated with or have reservations about, to determine how we can be of more support.

I will focus on doing just that, as well as making sure to provide support in keeping the area of their storefronts warm and inviting, clean and safe for both them and their customers. I look forward to being a liaison between our business owners and their dreams, assisting in bringing them to fruition.