November 20, 2023
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The trees of Central Park in downtown Centralia are fully decorated with lights, courtesy of Calypso, in this 2019 photo.

By Emily Fitzgerald
For the Chamber of Commerce

If you’re driving through the Twin Cities and admiring an immaculate holiday light display, there’s a solid chance the decorations were arranged by Calypso Window Washing LLC.

Based in Centralia, Calypso offers window cleaning and power washing services in addition to leasing Christmas and holiday lights.

“What they’re buying is their house decorated for Christmas, so it goes up, it comes down, and we do maintenance on it all season,” Calypso owner Cameron McGee said.

Calypso had about 300 holiday light clients last year. McGee estimates that number will increase to about 350 clients this year.

Clients this year include the Centralia Downtown Festival Association, which hired Calypso to decorate the trees at Central Park in downtown Centralia; and the City of Seabrook, Washington, which hired Calypso to decorate its downtown.

For holiday lights, Calypso is typically booked up through November with return clients and hangs lights for new clients the first two weeks in December, McGee said.

“We hang until Dec. 17, that’s our cutoff date, and then we give our crew two weeks off so that way they can spend the holidays with their family,” McGee said.

Calypso does offer lighting services year-round for other holidays, one-day events, and more.

McGee opened Calypso 14 years ago as just a window washing service, adding landscaping and housekeeping to the business’ offerings about 12 years ago and adding power washing and holiday light decoration services about 10 years ago. At that point, McGee said, Calypso was getting too busy, so he decided to step out of the housekeeping and landscaping side of the business.

For more information on Calypso’s services or to get an estimate, visit calypsowindows. com, email calypsowindows@ or call 360-269- 4947.

Calypso Window Washing LLC owner Cameron McGee smiles while hanging lights in this 2021 photo.
Calypso Window Washing LLC owner Cameron McGee smiles while hanging lights in this 2021 photo.