February 8, 2023
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2023 • Business Connections • Centralia • Competitive Sports • February • Northwest Sports Hub • Sports • Tourism • Tournaments • Twin Cities Sports Commission

The Northwest Sports Hub is centrally located between Portland and Seattle in the Historic Borst Park in Centralia. Many people may not realize that the Sports Hub is a product of the partnership between Lewis County Public Facility District, City of Centralia, Centralia School District and Northwest Sports Hub LLC, to bring economic revitalization to the region. The Sports Hub boasts over 90,000 square feet of flexible competitive sports space and over 120,000 square feet total and is managed by Managing Directors Dale Pullin and Lyle Overbay.

Dale Pullin is the visionary and private investor that helped bring the Northwest Sports Hub to realization working hand in hand with the Twin Cities Sports Commission. The Twin Cities Sports Commission is a sub-committee of the Lewis County Public Facilities District, and works to drive economic growth in Centralia and Chehalis via sports tourism traffic by helping to market and promote events in the region. “The Sports Commission is a self-taxed organization created by hotel businesses to help foster and develop hotel lodging. A promoter uses the Sports Commission to set up the venue and lodging to create the whole experience for visitors,” explained Pullin.

Pullin goes on to explain “This really is a state gift to us, to create economic development for the people…when it comes to the business community, whatever we can do to build a conduit out to them is what we want to do.” Looking forward The Northwest Sports Hub is looking to create more experiences out in the community including field trips to local entertainment, historical bus tours and they are also turfing the in-fields currently. Sharing the same mission The Northwest Sports Hub and The Twin Cities Sports Commission are both working to make our community the sports capital of the Northwest. To find out more about The Northwest Sports Hub visit www.nwsportshub.com. To learn more about the Twin Cities Sports Commission visit www.twincitiessportscommission.org.