February 9, 2023
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Bob Peters, Athletic Director of Centralia College stands in front of the Centralia Baseball teams first practice at the new Sports Complex.

The Centralia College Baseball Team enjoyed practicing for the very first time on the brand new MultiSport Athletics Complex on January 17. The complex includes 4 acres of fields for baseball, softball, soccer and features a porous turf allowing rain to flow straight through into a drainage system, allowing for less disruptions from rainy weather. 

The Athletic Complex has been planned since 1999, when the college started buying up neighboring lots they would need to own to build the complex. The field is a huge asset to the college as it will provide a home field on campus, boost the Athletic Department, and help in recruitment of athletes. The field is state of the art and there are only a few fields like it for community colleges in Washington state.

Centralia College Baseball team practices for the first time on the new Multisport Athletics Complex.

In the past teams have played on shared fields in Centralia. The college broke ground on the field in Spring 2022, and is now in use. Finishing touches like lighting, the scoreboard and fencing are being finished currently.

Athletic Director Bob Peters comments, “The Athletic Complex will benefit downtown, because typically our games have been on the other side of town. I think it will draw people into downtown on the weekends. People will come for a game and then filter into downtown to eat and shop, tying in a better connection to the college.” 

The Multisport complex will see its inaugural Baseball game on February 18. The Centralia College Foundation is raising funds for ancillary equipment still needed for the Athletic Complex, if you would like to donate please contact Christine Fossett at (360) 623-8451 or [email protected]